High School 101: The Prom Dress Basics

Growing up seems to be filled with rules. When it comes to high school, there are more big events and lots of rules and things to consider when you are counting down the days until the big day arrives. Below are a lot of the factors to consider when it comes to Prom, the big dance of the year.

For those who aren’t sure how to choose The Prom Dress that will make your night magical, the following tips and tricks will help you get the right one and be happy with your memories.

The Prom Dress

Meet the School Dress Code

No one wants the rules to interfere with a good time. However, the truth is that choosing a dress the school will consider inappropriate is a good way to be barred from entrance. Make sure your night won’t be ruined by the choice of a dress that seems great but doesn’t pass a dress code for special events.

See-through dresses are a sure-fire no-no. Make sure your dress covers the appropriate body parts, and you can gain entry to the Prom and enjoy yourself for the entire night.

Make Sure Your Dress is Made for a Special Occasion

Sundresses and every day wear are not going to cut it when it comes to the night of the prom. In some areas, knee length dresses aren’t even considered appropriate. Talk to your friends, and run ideas by older girls who have gone to prom. People around you can help you decide if a certain dress is going to fly or not.

The theme for the prom is also going to factor in at some point. You may want to wear a certain color, but if the event theme happens to be black and white, that idea isn’t going to make much sense. See where things are for your specific prom and make sure your dress is only going to make you stand out in a good way.

Find Shoes that Look Good and Won’t Trip You

A big part of Prom is the entrance. It pays to have shoes you can walk in, so your entrance isn’t marred by your accidental fall or an issue with tripping into other people or big decorations. Regret is a horrible emotion to associate with your prom experience. Make sure your dress and shoes are not to blame if you do happen to have regrets about prom.

Talk to your Date

While your date really doesn’t have a say in straps or dress length, color can be a big topic between you and the guy taking you to the big event. See if he can handle wearing a vest in the color that matches your dress, or you can discuss options that will complement your dress without making him feel uncomfortable. If all else fails, black is the way to go. Don’t forgo your dress color to make your date happy, but see how he feels if he’d have to wear a pink vest or a sparkly purple one to match. As noted above, he doesn’t have to match but knowing ahead of time helps a lot in not being embarrassed the night Prom occurs.