8 Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

There is no other room in the house as special as your bedroom. Here are 8 decorating tips to help you personalize your room to reflect a space as unique as you.

1.    Wall Art

Paintings and canvas aren’t just for the living room. You can get even more creative in the bedroom. Companies like Ikonick have sprung up all over the internet, offering beautiful and inspiring art pieces.

Whether you’re looking for pop culture references or a saying to get you out of bed and motivated, Ikonick canvases have something for everyone.

2.    Pictures

Nothing says personal space quite like having your face all over it. Print out some your favorite pictures and plaster them all over the walls.

3.    Vinyl

Custom vinyl stickers are a great way to spruce up your bedroom décor. You can get your favorite quotes, or a silhouette of your hero. The only limitation is your imagination.

4.    Shelving


Show off your trophies or favorite school projects on a nice display case. Have a cool snow globe collection? Shelves are a great way to showcase your personality through your knick-knacks.

5.    Candles/Incense

Find a signature scent for your room. Not only will it help your room smell better, but it will make your clothes smell like home too.

6.    Lamps

Sure you have the overhead light, but find a funky lamp in the shape of your favorite animal or maybe one that sports your favorite football team. Your room will have better lighting, and you’ll have a fun new piece to talk about when your friends come over.

7.    Rug

A rug may not be the first thing you’d think of when decorating your room. But since they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, rugs are the perfect way to tie your personality into your room. Plus, they are easy to swap out when you want to update your look.

8.    Get natural

Paint some rocks or bricks, these make awesome book ends or paper weights. The craftiness of making your own displays really makes the room uniquely yours.